ColemanHines Music

ColemanHines Music, is a small independent publishing company based in the UK. We publish music by the composers Pete Coleman and Clare Hines.

Clare and Pete have collaborated on many projects and in the past several dance bands, most notably Metheglin, Brocc and PucksWood. Most recently their collaborations include a much wider and eclectic range of music projects.

Pete Coleman

Pete "peewee" Coleman has been in recording and production for 30 years. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music, both in Pop and Rock. Pete has been quietly building a reputation for great sound quality and superb technical know-how.
Pete is also a talented musician and multi-instrumentalist.

Pete is an award winning Producer/Composer/Sound Designer. Most of Pete's career has centred on music production and engineering, with album sales into the millions and many platinum and gold awards, but he is now putting his unique talent into composing for media, films, and TV.


Clare Hines

Known for being a hurdy-gurdy player, Clare adds a certain insight into the joint music projects. She makes an excellent cup of tea and is general all round dogs body - being responsible for website design, artwork and cover designs, photogpraphy and videos.

There are links to the videos and websites under the PipeDream Music label tab.

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