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PipeDream Music PipeDream Music

PipeDream Music, is a label based in the UK, that provides a production services for bands and artists who write and perform music based on euro-dance rhythms.

Pete ColemanOur experienced production engineer - Pete Coleman- provides the full range of production services.


Artists on the PDM Label

Metheglin play contemporary progressive folk on modern versions of medieval instruments. The music could be termed experimental, and is a melodic blend of modern, medieval and dance, all underpinned with exciting percussion, driving bass lines and exotic instrumentation.
Metheglin consists of : Pete Coleman - English Border Pipes; Clare Hines - Hurdy-Gurdy; Mike Gulston - Guitar / Octave Mandola; Blanche Rowen - percussion.
PipeDream Music produced and released Metheglin's debut album "Raining in Paradise". In our opinion a fabulous gem of an album - you can find it to buy on their website and all good digital download sites.


Brocc weave songs that tell tales of myth and legend and the old beliefs of these lands and peoples. They embody the history of this land...
A troubadour's brew of bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, psaltery and medieval drums combined with spine tingling songs and harmonies. PipeDream Music has recorded and produced two album's for this eclectic band - their first 5 track mini-CD "Unearthed" and their full album "13 Moons" which was released earlier this year. .

Blanche Rowen and Mike GulstonBlanche Rowen & Mike Gulston

PipeDream Music worked with Blanche and Mike in early 2011, recording some of the tacks for their album Sorta Kinda Songs for listening, songs for dancing ... star-crossed lovers and irrepressible heroines ... French dance numbers, English ballads and old Welsh lovesongs, accompanied by graceful guitar and octave mandola. And again more recently on their new album The Dance Goes On which celebrates the turning year and its customs, along with some mediæval favourites. "Beautiful, compelling material and Blanche's voice is simply gorgeous." Karen Tweed

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